MHMS- Preparing For Learning

Fri, 04/17/2020 - 6:00pm
Murray Hill Middle School

Dear MHMS Families

As we me into our Continuity of Learning phase, I wanted to provide clarification regarding assessing the work that is assigned during the school closure. 

All MHMS teachers have created a “Continuity of Learning” category worth 0% in Canvas.  All work that is assigned during the school closure will go into this category, and feedback will be provided.  To provide consistency, teachers will continue to use numerical marks in order to provide feedback on the assignments, and sometimes written comments will also be included in the feedback, but an overall grade will not be calculated.  At the end of the fourth quarter, students will earn a “P”- pass or an “I”- incomplete for their courses, dependent on the amount of online work that they complete. 

As you prepare for next week, one simple step we would recommend this week is encouraging your students to review each of their Canvas pages in order to determine the time and day of each of their Google Meet Check-In’s. Below are two optional links to help you and your student keep track of the Google Meet times and codes for each class.  

Digital Agenda Book:

Student Weekly Organizer:

If you need additional organizational support, please feel free to reach out to school counselors, Ms. Raymond or Ms. Svoboda, or school psychologist, Ms. Morales, in order to schedule a meeting during office hours throughout the week.

I know that a lot of information has been shared during these past few weeks as we prepare for Continuity of Learning, and I would like to thank you for your patience and your support during this process.  Please know that this is new for every person involved, and it will take time for all of us to learn, but we will work together to problem-solve, and the entire MHMS staff wants to support all of our students and our families during these unprecedented times.  Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance of support; we are here for you. 



Lisa R. Smithson


Murray Hill Middle School


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