NEW! MHTV News for You!

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 3:37pm

Hey Mountain Lions! Enjoy the latest MHTV-COL News Show written,

filmed, produced, edited and created by our talented #MHTVNews Producers & staff! 

#MHTVNews Espisode 2 COL Edition

#MHTVNews Espisode 1 COL Edition

(Click CC for Closed Captioning) 


If for some reason, the video doesn't come out for you, please visit our Student Resource Course page to view! 


Mr. Dunbar and I are so very proud of our hard working #MHTVNews staff!


Got an idea for a story? Let us know! And remember, next year at MHMS you can join us & part of this super talented crew! 

Posted by @GwynethJones - @TheDaringLibrarian