Staff Member of the Month - November

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 7:53am

Staff at Murray Hill Middle School plays an important role in the lives of young adults, families and our community. Each month we would like to recognize one outstanding staff member for their achievements. This award is for their dedication, professionalism and work. Those receiving these awards will be nominated by the students, parents, administrators, and colleagues for excellence in their classroom and/or the school.

Please visit our Staff Member of the Month page for more information, deadlines, and nomination forms. Thank you!

Ms. Charnee Bowens

Ms. Bowens is an obvious choice for Staff Member of The Month!  Why? She keeps it all together. She’s VERY Patient, Calm, and she “goes above and beyond to meet her students’ needs”.  In her day-to-day obligations, she maintains a very positive and consistent demeanor.  Ms. Bowens is here every day, and no matter how trying things may get, “she never gives up”.  More words to describe her? “Amazing, Awesome, and Dedicated!”  Amazing, because she’s cool under pressure. Awesome, because she can always find the best in any situation and person.  Dedicated, because she always shows up and is very dependable.  Not only is she all those things wrapped in one, but she is also very humble as well.   

Congratulations to Ms. Bowens on being nominated as Staff Member of The Month for the month of November!