Quarter 2 Transition

Thu, 11/05/2020 - 4:14pm

Murray Hill Middle School

Dear MHMS Families,

This is a reminder that the first quarter ends this Friday, November 6th. Students who are working towards completing any assignments that they may have missed during the first quarter, must submit those assignments by dismissal time (12:15 pm) on Friday afternoon. After Friday, all teachers will be working to finalize grades so that they are ready for report cards, which will be accessible to families, through Synergy on Monday, November 16th.

Students will begin new quarterly classes on Monday, November 9th. Quarterly classes include all Related Arts courses (P.E., Health, Tech. Ed., General Music, Art, FACS) and all Reading Modules (Boost the Brain, Writer's Cafe, Digital Citizenship, Reader's Cafe, 21st Century Learning, and Expanding and Exploring Careers). After dismissal on Friday, students will have access, in Canvas, to their new quarterly courses. They should also receive a welcome message from their second quarter teachers.

Please encourage your student to reflect on their quarter one experience, and plan ways to make improvements and/or maintain their positive learning behaviors. It is important to remember that the final grades for all semester long classes, will be calculated by averaging the quarter one and the quarter 2 grades. During the second quarter, if your student is in need of academic support, please encourage them to reach out to their teachers, their school counselor, and/or attend the support sessions on a regular basis. We are proud of how our school community has adapted to virtual instruction, and we are looking forward to a smooth transition into the second quarter.
Lisa R. Smithson
Murray Hill Middle School

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