Attendance Guidelines

Absence Reporting/Notes from Home

Please report absences by emailing


For our attendance reporting purposes, either an email to or a signed parent/guardian note with student's name, grade, date(s) of absence and reason will still be required upon the student's return to school.  Notes must be submitted within four days. Requests for changes to attendance submitted after the 4 day deadline cannot be honored. 

Please Note: Absences are unexcused until an email or note is received.

Absence Information:

What is the Difference Between Excused and Unexcused Absences?

Excused Absence – It is an excused absence for any portion of the day under the following conditions:

  1. Illness of the student
  2. Doctor/Dental appointments
  3. Death in the immediate family
  4. Court summons
  5. Observance of a religious holiday
  6. Hazardous weather conditions (as determined by the Superintendent)
  7. State emergency (as determined by the Governor)
  8. Suspension
  9. Lack of authorized transportation (school system transportation)
  10. Local discretionary day. Each student can use 3 Local discretionary days each year. These days are excused absences for any reason. A form must be filled out and approved before the absence is marked excused. 

Unexcused Absence - An unexcused absence

  1. Missed bus
  2. Car trouble
  3. Traffic
  4. No parking
  5. Overslept
  6. No reason given
  7. Travel/ Vacation

When a student is absent, make up work can be requested from each individual teacher.

Automatic Notification:

When students are marked absent in one of their class periods, the system sends an automatic email notification to parents. This notification will be sent for each day your child is marked as excused or unexcused absent. If you have questions related to period attendance, please contact your child's teacher. You can also contact Murry Hill Middle School at (410)880-5897 and ask to speak with the Attendance Secretary.

Late arrival:

Parents do not need to come into the school when their child arrives late. The students can sign in themselves. Please send in the doctor\dental appt receipt if this to be an excused late arrival.

Early Dismissal:

Parents need to come into the school to sign out their child. Please remember to bring your photo id with you as this is required in order to dismiss your child.


Our Policy

All Parents are encouraged to read carefully the following highlights of the HCPSS Attendance Policy. MHMS supports the strong link between daily attendance and successful academic performance. We fully adhere to all HCPSS policies that enhance student learning and strengthen our school community. In partnership we work together to ensure excellence in teaching and learning so that each student will participate responsibly in a diverse and changing world. Please be advised of the following:

  • Parents MUST provide a note for all absences.
  • The school MUST receive a note from the parent or physician within two school days of the student’s return. This documentation will be used to EXCUSE the absence.
  • Tardy and Early Dismissal also require a note and a parent sign-in/sign-out. Please make every effort to help your child make the bus on time and schedule appointments after school. 
  • Tardy and Early Dismissal procedures include that all parents will enter the school and sign their children in after 8:25 a.m. or sign them out if leaving prior to 3:10 p.m.   For your child’s safety, our staff will not allow exceptions to the county policy.
  • An absence that exceeds 20 minutes from a class is considered an absence from that class.
  • Absences for Non-Emergency circumstances are strongly discouraged during the State and County Testing Windows.

Please inform the school administration of planned non–emergency absences two weeks in advance. HCPSS has provided a form for these occurrences. Parents are permitted three discretionary absences for their child.

A student is counted present for a full day if the student is in attendance four hours or more of the school day. A student is counted present for half day if the student is in attendance for at least two hours of the school day, but less than four hours.