Staff Member of the Month - February

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 9:02am

Staff at Murray Hill Middle School plays an important role in the lives of young adults, families and our community. Each month we would like to recognize one outstanding staff member for their achievements. This award is for their dedication, professionalism and work. Those receiving these awards will be nominated by the students, parents, administrators, and colleagues for excellence in their classroom and/or the school.

Please visit our Staff Member of the Month page for more information, deadlines, and nomination forms. Thank you!

Ms. Andrea Shavers

What people are saying:

"Ms. Shavers runs the breakfast program, which starts students' day with not only a health meal, but also provides a welcoming environment to gather with peers. In addition, Ms. Shavers supports providing snacks for students when they have forgotten their lunch."

"Ms. Shavers continually goes above and beyond to help students and her fellow teachers.  As a Health instructor, Ms. Shavers makes her content relevant and meaningful to her students.  She works hard to build relationships with students and parents to guarantee that everyone experiences success.  Ms. Shavers is constantly revising her curriculum to be most effective and align with the Common Core."

"As the Applied Academics Team Leader, Ms. Shavers answers every question and attends to every concern of her diverse team of teachers.  She is an organized and positive leader.  She always has a smile and an encouraging word."