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Tue, 05/12/2020 - 3:37pm

Hey Mountain Lions! Enjoy the latest MHTV-COL News Show written,

filmed, produced, edited and created by our talented #MHTVNews Producers & staff! 

#MHTVNews Espisode 3 COL Edition

#MHTVNews Espisode 2 COL Edition

#MHTVNews Espisode 1 COL Edition

(Click CC for Closed Captioning) 

If for some reason, the video doesn't come out for you, please visit our Student Resource Course page to view! 

Mr. Dunbar and I are so very proud of our hard working #MHTVNews staff! 


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Our #MHMSMetro student run & #GTSeminar newspaper is available for download!

Here is the latest issue! 

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EXCITING NEWS: Anybody who successfully completes the logic puzzle at the end can fill out a Google Form that will allow them to write a shout out in Issue 6.


Featuring:  Sports |  Arts, Music and Sports | International News | Politics

Page 5: Boredom Busters - DOWNLOAD the PDF Version below.

Our Mission: "At the Murray Hill Metropolitan we are dedicated to authentic, realistic and unbiased news for our students, their families and the public. Every month we cover a wide variety of stories from what's happening at Washington to our new hall pass system. We hope to make sure our school is conscious and respectful of other people's opinions, the news and politics."- Murray Hill Metropolitan Staff

Download :  MHMS-Metro-Issue 4

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