Identify Your Child’s Device Needs

Mon, 01/10/2022 - 5:44pm


Identify Student Device Needs

As HCPSS plans for technology needs in the event of virtual instruction, HCPSS is requesting all families to complete a brief questionnaire regarding your child’s/children’s device needs. While the majority of students have been issued an HCPSS device, students in kindergarten and first grade are not assigned individual devices, and some students at other levels may not have an assigned device for various reasons. This was due by Jan. 14th. 

Due to supply issues, HCPSS does not have enough computers for every student. The questionnaire is designed to be filled out for each child in the family, regardless of current device assignment. It will help determine which students without HCPSS devices would need them, and which students have HCPSS devices but could return them if necessary.  

Please read completely before accessing the form:
Questionnaire options include:

  • KEEP or GET HCPSS Device – Selecting this option indicates the student would need to retain or keep an existing HCPSS device, or be assigned a new one. (***NEW ones most likely will ONLY given out if student have already reported through the corret channels a serious defect that is NOT due to vandalism, neglect, or preventative damage. Not just because it would be preferred)


  • NEED Internet Access – Selecting this option indicates the student would need assistance with internet access, such as a hotspot or other means.


  • NEED BOTH Device & Internet Access– Selecting this option indicates the student would need to retain or keep an existing HCPSS device, or be assigned a new one, and would need assistance with internet access.


  • None & Willing to RETURN Device – Selecting this option indicates the student has a personal device available to use for instruction; they would not need a new HCPSS device or if they currently have one, they could return it for use by another student if necessary.

Access and complete the questionnaire by Friday Jan. 14.

To complete the questionnaire:

  • Log in to HCPSS Connect Synergy using parent/guardian credentials.
  • Select “More Options” from the left navigation menu.
  • Select “Student Technology.” 

For each child:

  • Verify that the current HCPSS-issued device information at the top of the page is correct.
    • If your child is not listed/no device information shows, our records do not have the child currently in possession of an HCPSS device. You do not need to take any action in this section.
  • Answer the question at the bottom of the page, “In the event of a shift to virtual instruction, for each child, indicate their technology needs.”

Any decision to transition a school to virtual will be made on a case-by-case basis in collaboration with the Howard County Health Department, and in consideration of multiple factors. We know that in-person learning and supports are most effective for children, and we are doing everything possible to keep students and staff in school buildings.

​​Resources on how to use HCPSS Connect may be found online, including instructions on how to reset parent/guardian passwords. If you need additional assistance using HCPSS Connect, please complete this Connect Help Form.

Thank you.